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Simple Cleaning Method of WY60 Excavator Steering System


The 25-type truck crane we have repaired has the following problems before the turntable is repaired: 1. The bushing 2 and the vertical plate are severely cracked and deformed, causing the boom to tilt left and right, and the telescopic resistance. The two vertical plates are seriously deformed and welded to the shaft sleeve 2. There are many crack distortions, under the boom, welding reinforcement only on the outside of the sleeve 2, the results of the use of the shaft sleeve 2 after the weld seam began to crack again, and the vertical plate deformation. If you replace the turntable assembly, the funds required will take longer. For this reason, according to the user's intention, it is decided to carry out plastic repair on the turntable.

The repair method is as follows: Remove the counterweight and tubing of the swing mechanism, and then remove the turntable.

The shaft sleeve and the vertical plate are measured 2, the two shaft holes are at a horizontal distance of 1700 from the vertical distance of 900, and the sleeve 2 has an inner diameter of 出80 and an outer diameter of 2 is 120mm; the two sleeves 2 have a width of two sleeves and the distance between the inner surfaces of the sleeves is 5281.裆 Width 7481. Take the center of the two-sleeve housing 2 as the center and cut the holes on the vertical plate, remove the 133,1 hole, remove the shaft sleeve 2 on the left and right uprights, and remove the paint and dirt inside and outside the two upright plates by gas welding. Bake the twisted and deformed part and shape it with a hydraulic press.

2 blanking welding steel reinforced 24mm long 2mm for bushing 2. Fix the turntable on the workbench, taking the bottom plane of the turntable and the sleeve 1 as the reference, insert the mandrel in the two sleeves 1 and weld the inner and outer sides of the two sleeves 2 to ensure that the width of the outer sleeve is 5241 wide as the turntable stands After the plate has been intensified, its strength has weakened and there are multiple cracks. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check the crack and mark it with a magnifying glass 10 times to remove the dirt and strengthen it by welding. In addition, a plurality of radioactive ribs are welded around the sleeve 2 without affecting the assembly, and the sleeve 2 is completely reinforced.

The turret is clamped on the boring bed, with the bottom surface and the sleeve 1 as a reference, when the horizontal distance of the two shaft holes is 170, and the vertical distance is 900, the through holes of the two shaft sleeves 2 are at most 80 out of 2 , turning two shaft sleeves 2 to 528mm.

Finally, assemble in the reverse order of disassembly. After being repaired by this method, the aircraft has been used for more than a year and a half. It has reliable performance, saves money for users, and achieves the intended purpose. Author's address Tai'an City, Shandong Province Tai'an Crane Factory Design Department 27100060 type excavator steering system simple cleaning method □ Huo Xiaoqiang, type 60 excavator, sometimes in the course of driving heavy steering failure. According to the inspection, the parts of the steering system are not damaged, and the malfunction is caused by the serious contamination of the liquid oil. In this regard, if simply replacing the hydraulic fluid does not eliminate the malfunction, it is usually necessary to disassemble the components of the steering system and the flow or relief valves to thoroughly clean them. However, due to the disassembly and assembly technology and other reasons, often the old faults have not been eliminated and new faults have emerged, which seriously affect the construction operations. To this end, we have adopted a simple cleaning method that can avoid the simple decomposition method of ball cage constant velocity joints. The front axle universal joint of the Xing Liwei Jia 460 excavator is a ball cage constant velocity joint. Because the inner and outer halves are elastically connected, they cannot be separated by ordinary tools. An ideal disassembly method will now be described. The steps are as follows: First remove the outer cover of the oil seal 7 on the outer cover 8 and then take out the oil seal.

on. Note that the part with a larger shaft diameter at the root part where the shaft diameter is smaller should be sandwiched between the oil seals of the shaft.

The left and right disks 4 are fitted onto the outer half shaft 5, and then the sun gear 3 washer 2 and the snap ring 1 are mounted on the outer half shaft in sequence.

The human hand gently holds the spherical shell 6 sun wheel and the two axles can be easily disengaged.

Separately push the ball cage 10 and ball sleeve and take out 6 steel balls one by one.

Turn the ball cage so that the long slot holes on the ball cage face any convex surface on the spherical shell 6 and remove the ball cage and ball sleeve from the spherical shell.

The ball is rotated 90 in the ball cage so that the two protrusions face the long slot holes on the positive ball cage to decompose the ball cage and the ball sleeve.

Open the hydraulic tank cap, remove the strainer, and clean it.

Remove the tubing connector of steering cylinder size chamber, place the oil outlet of the tubing into the oil drum, start the machine, and turn the steering wheel in the cab to the left and right to allow the dirty oil to drain; others are constantly replenishing the hydraulic tank. The diesel or other cleaning oil should ensure that there is always a small amount of oil in the hydraulic tank to prevent the steering pump from absorbing air and burning. The third person observes the oil discharged from the nozzle at the bottom of the tank. When it becomes clean, you can stop turning the steering wheel and add diesel.

Rotate the two front wheels in the left and right directions to discharge all the dirty oil in the steering cylinder size chamber.

Slowly turn the steering wheel. When the fluid in the hydraulic oil tank is short, immediately fill the hydraulic oil. When the hydraulic oil has flowed out of the two oil tubes, do not turn the steering wheel again.

Connect the two tubing fittings separately to the size of the steering cylinder. Tighten too tightly.

Turn the steering wheel to the left or right until the hydraulic fluid leaking from the joint is free of air bubbles.

Good filter and fuel tank cap. Author's address Engineering and Engineering Office, Xuzhou Engineering Bureau, Xuzhou 221004, Jiangsu Province

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