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Exclusion of loader brake cylinder

A ZL40 loader in the course of the process had been difficult to start, driving weak, brake deviation after the run-off and the left front wheel has a small amount of soot and a burnt smell and so on. Check found that the brake disc and the right side of the friction plate is not completely separated, the right brake cylinder piston does not return.

ZL40 loader with dual-pipe gas push oil disc brake system (see Figure 1). Four brake cylinders are mounted on the disc brake 7 and are mounted opposite each other. When the brake pedal is depressed, the high-pressure gas from the air compressor 1 pushes the gas piston of the gas-liquid master cylinder 4 and the gas piston pushes the oil piston. Brake fluid through the tubing into the brake disc brake cylinder piston chamber and push the piston out; piston driven friction plate brake disc, the wheel brake.

Double pipe gas push oil disc brake system

Resulting in disc brake brake cylinder can not be returned there are four possibilities: First, foot brake valve 5 exhaust port blocked, the high-pressure gas into the atmosphere of the human body, resulting in gas-liquid master cylinder spring can not be returned, resulting in Brake oil disc brake brake cylinder piston top dead can not return; Second is the gas-liquid master cylinder to the disc brake tubing blockage, resulting in brake cylinder piston can not return; third is the gas-liquid master cylinder Of the spring itself can not be back, the brake fluid under the action of high pressure gas, can not return to the gas-liquid master cylinder oil storage chamber, resulting in the brake cylinder piston can not be returned; Fourth, disc brake brake cylinder piston Brake fluid too dirty or rusty piston stuck and can not return.

Judgment of failure, first depresses the foot brake valve, release the pedal after hearing the exhaust sound, thus ruining the first possibility. Then, unscrew the gas-liquid master cylinder to the disc brake brake cylinder pipe fittings, foot brake valve several times and found that there is brake fluid at the junction of the spray, and a greater pressure, which ruled out The second and third possibilities. Finally, we judge the fault in the brake cylinder.

Disc brakes

The troubleshooting method is to remove the disc brake clamp 1 (see Figure 2), remove the friction plate 4 and the dust seal 3, and reconnect the tubing connector. We hope that under the high pressure of the brake fluid, the piston But a few times in the case of high pressure foot brake valve did not succeed, the sub-pump piston 5 can neither return nor eject, was completely stuck. Then, we removed the clamp cylinder head 6 and pushed the piston of the minute cylinder out. Then, it was cleaned with diesel and polished with 0 # sandpaper for further cleaning, and a new rectangular seal 2 was replaced. Reassemble and then test machine, the fault has been ruled out.

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